• Connectable to HDTVI and Analog Cameras
  • Up to 2-Channel 1080p IP Cameras Input
  • Long Distance Transmission Over UTP and Coaxial Cable
  • One-Key Enable H.264+ Compression to Improve Encoding Efficiency by up to 50 Percent and Reduce Data Storage Costs
  • Suorts Real-Time 1080p Lite of All Channels and When Enabled, the Image Effect is Similar with 1080P
  • HDMI/VGA Output at up to 1920 1080 Resolution
  • One SATA Interface
  • 4/8/16-Channel Synchronous Playback at up to 720P Resolution
  • Smart Search for Efficit Playback
  • Supports Multiple VCA (Video Content Analytics) Events for Both Analog and Smart IP Cameras
  • VQD (Video Quality Diagnostics)
  • Unlock Pattern for Device Login for the Admin
  • Guid File Can be Exported for Password Resetting and Imported for Finng the Forgotten Password
  • Supports PTZ Control Via Omnicast VMS of Genetec Protocol
  • One Self-Adaptive 10/100 Mbps Network Interface
  • Output Bandwidth Limit Configurable
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